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What is it about change that becomes very difficult for people to accept? What do they say, “The three things that you can always count on is; taxes, death, and change.” And we hate them all! But, why change? Is it because we become used to our current situation that any change is unsettling due to the unknown of nature of it? Or do we associate change with something potentially bad because of the unknown factor? Maybe, we have experienced change with a negative experience and always believe it will be bad experience again? Whatever the reason is, we don’t like change unless it is there many of us supporting it.


Now, what is the reason why we resist change on an individual basis even if we know it is it’s for the better such as personal growth? This is a very interesting phenomenon. It appears that we subscribe to change as it relates to our visual or physical self, but we are less likely to accept change when it comes to our unseen internal betterment or personal growth. Vanity is extremely powerful and grabs most of us, yet finding happiness regardless of income is at the bottom of the list with most people.


Look at the diet or cosmetic industry. Those industries are worth billions of dollars annually, while the self-help business is worth a fraction of those other industries. It appears to be backward. If we can learn how to become happy, then the others will follow. However, psychology 101 states that “the most important thing to me is me and the most important thing to you is you,” and yet I think are missing the physical me and you.


Think about this: If someone said they could show you how to become happier, would you listen? Possibly, but if they said you would need to study and practice how to communicate better, what do you think their answer would be? Even though there are tons of scientific data to support the statement regarding communication. The average person would be more interested in what they could do to make money, and better their looks.

Perhaps there should be a collective consciousness shift in our thinking and try to see if the scientists and psychologists are right. Why not try and learn human communication and see if can lead us to a happier life.


Look at where we are now; household conflict, relationship conflict, governmental conflict, world conflict and so much more. We don’t listen well, we expect instant gratification, and we are consumed by the technical revolution that, in part, has brought so much misinformation. Our children have no idea about effective communication techniques because they are caught in the world of texting and social media. Schools don’t teach communication lesson plans, and parents are just as clueless.

Instant Gratification

What if there was a way to quickly (instant gratification), easily (little effort), and easy (keep it simple) way to understand the universal truths of effective communication? Or a program that cites the top experts from around the world regarding professional communication lesson plans? A method to find happiness NOW! There is, you just have to acknowledge the FACT that we all could use a little help communicating better.


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