Closed-Mindedness Words Definition
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Definition: Closed-mindedness is the state of being unwilling to consider other ideas or opinions.

Symptoms: In sports, the nonprofessional athlete who begins to enjoy some measure of success may begin to think, “My way is the right way.” When such closed-mindedness settles in, he or she needs to be reminded that change will always be necessary and that open-mindedness is the desirable attribute.

Solutions: Steve Pavlina answers some key questions in his article “Dealing with Close-Mindedness” at How can you intelligently deal with people who are closed-minded, totally stubborn in their beliefs, and unreceptive to new ideas? Perhaps you feel certain you’re right and they’re wrong, but you can’t seem to convince them to see things your way. And maybe you are in fact right, but that doesn’t prevent the other person from resorting to irrational arguments to keep from agreeing with you. What can you do in such situations?

When you encounter a person who is very closed-minded, you’ll often find yourself becoming resistant to the other person’s position. If you think the problem lies with the other person, you invite frustration. The source of your frustration is your own resistance. The lesson is to learn unconditional acceptance, which comes about when you begin asking questions like:

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