Conversation Tips (Part 2)


After three years of learning the universal truths of words and phrases and then reading a lot of the news, it has crossed my mind that we as a species is changing. Now there is strong evidence in the Bible to this period in history as well. But, staying out of religious beliefs, what is happening?

In this country, we are a dual income family. Parenting has changed drastically. Technology is taking over and addictive, especially to our kids. With a small hand-held phone, they have access to pornography, killings, crime, hate, violent games and so much more. Just with a click of a button.

People have less, and less tolerance and anger is exponentially broadening. Many of us say that our closest living species is the animal. But, animals are far better than we are. Sure there are exceptions, but they just do what they have to, to survive.

We on the other-hand are extremely violent, act without care of consequence, prejudice, equate wealth with happiness, poor listening skills, just to name a few. We really don’t know how to communicate. Therefore, perhaps we are changing into a new species.

Traditional parenthood for the masses is mostly gone. Could that be the problem? If parents, teachers, coaches, business owners, would take a few minutes a week to offer the POWER with WORDS, just maybe we could change for the better. If parents would take a few minutes a week and discuss the POWER with WORDS with their children perhaps, we could help them learn how destructive simple little actions are to other people, consequences, and what universal truths are before they are sucked into gangs and the bad side of technology.

Maybe we could help stop needless violent tragedies and begin to create a more positively balanced people, that understand love is better than hate. Regardless, we are not stopping with our one-page minimalist education from the experts. We just hope it spreads.

With Love,

Will D. Rhame