self justification in relationships
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Definition: Denial is the refusal to accept the truth or reality regarding someone or something.

Symptoms: By its very nature, participation in sports invites denial. Players quickly engage in it when they don’t do something perfectly or at least correctly. “I can’t believe I hit that shot” is a very typical response. Whether the denial is mental or verbal, it indicates that the athlete needs to accept the reality of shortcomings and then focus on the next right move in order to recover faster and play better.

Solutions: The Mayo Clinic staff offers helpful information in their article, “Denial: When it helps, when it hurts,” at You may be in denial about anything that makes you feel vulnerable or that threatens your sense of control. Denial may pertain to something happening to you or to someone else. Short-term denial can be a positive coping method that allows a window of time to adjust to a painful or stressful issue or to make a change in your life, but being in denial too long can prevent dealing with issues that require action, such as an illness or addiction, a financial problem, or a relationship conflict. When you are in denial, you are doing three things

  1. Refusing to acknowledge

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