Emotions Words Definition
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Definition: Emotions are strong feelings deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships.

Symptoms: Sports are filled with emotion. Football and boxing, for example, require such emotional thinking that they can devolve into hatred. In soccer, even the emotions of the fans often become dangerous. Most sports, however, require a certain amount of strictly personal emotional involvement to inspire the athlete’s peak performance. Uncontrolled emotions can readily cause poor judgment and tightened muscles, thus making optimum play in the zone impossible.

Solutions: Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., declares in her article, “5 Ways to Get Your Unwanted Emotions Under Control,” at www.psychologytoday.com, that your ability to regulate your emotions affects how you are perceived by the people around you. If the emotion is appropriate to the situation and helps you feel better, there’s no need to worry about changing the way you handle things. Laughing when others are laughing is one example of an appropriate reaction that helps you feel better. Expressing road rage may also make you feel better, but it’s not appropriate or particularly adaptive. While emotions are a vital part of our everyday lives, the study of emotions is not an exact science. Fortunately, you can learn to regulate your emotions well before a provoking situation occurs.

Select the situation. Avoid circumstances

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