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Effective communication techniques seem to be the last global problem we want to face. Certainly, there are other problems that need immediate attention, but there never seems to be any concerted effort to address this worsening problem. It can also be argued that many of the current problems we are facing are in part due to lack of communication and listening skills. Politicians are in such a hurry to act on various issues that it appears their focus is personal and with that mindset, the listening to understand goes away.

POWER with WORDS is an extremely simple, weekly, one-page training tool to help children and adults learn the best words to communicate better. Words are far more complicated when trying to understand the universal truths of effective communication. The psychology of words and the way the words are spoken is also a major role in communication for control or to be understood.


Technology transfixes children in the United States, and they communicate less than ever before. How will they become globally competitive if they can’t communicate with confidence? This current trend needs our attention now. It appears that some of the major technology firms are trying to address education, but none of them are addressing the most important educational tool, communication.

Governments seem focused on spending and profiting, and the United States is the biggest spender in technological advances regarding the military versus other countries. This statement is by no means a judgment, but just an observation. The majority of humanity, which some have labeled as the ninety-nine percenters, desperately needs effective communication lesson plans as a means to become more tolerant in our thinking – listening and less judgemental. This can only happen if we are willing to make efforts to understand the psychology of words and practice what scholars have been trying to teach us for centuries.

POWER with WORDS is the first sincere attempt to help ALL people learn effective communication techniques. We have also gone to great lengths to keep it short and easy to read and understand. We always use sports as a backdrop and then cite the best of the best when it comes to that Solutions. It’s only one page that hits your email box every week. We have tested the Life Lessons for years and have found that reading them is best when you read it with someone else. Doing so creates a miraculous bonding experience.

POWER with WORDS has over three years of material and will continue to develop more every month. These life lessons are great communication exercises for students, and so easy to implement by the teacher or parent. Again the concept from the beginning was to keep it simple, easy and fast. POWER with WORDS has communication strategies for business; which includes teaching communication skills for managers and employees.


The key for communication strategies for successful marriages is practice. As with anything, to become good at something practice is essential. Again the goal is to keep things simple, so practicing is easy. A few of us have spent our lives focusing on helping others. POWER with WORDS combines that desire to the ultimate learning tool. Therefore, practicing becomes fun and easy.

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