If Not You – Who?

perfect interpersonal communication skills
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No one has perfect interpersonal communication skills; it is art, psychology, and skill combined. Understanding all of the possibilities, the issues caused by the inflection of the words we speak, how we perceive various words and individual prejudice are a just a few of the things to consider.



Experts in their field of study have been trying to help us for centuries. But, why has this been a problem for so long? Lack of effective communication has plagued humanity from the beginning. Misunderstanding, anger, jealousy, control to name a few have been the catalyst for war and terrorists. Additionally, people are inherently lazy. If they don’t see an immediate personal gain, then let someone else do it. That extreme short-sightedness has created a divide between the rich or strong and the poor or meek. One person leads, and the rest follow. Similar to the animal kingdom, in that the strongest lead and survive.


Today there is so much misinformation that it makes it nearly impossible to the accurately understand a politician’s position or honest point of view. So why has all of this continued to happen? Why do the masses continue to follow the few, even when they don’t know the truth; and why do the few continue to create international and national conflicts? Could it be that we have poor communication habits; or that we just don’t want to be bothered? Perhaps our influence of money or the possibility of it is more important than knowing the truth. There is a myriad of factors that, affect our ability to communicate, with honor. Therefore, is it possible to have a one-on-one dialog with anyone and be understood, assuming there is no language barrier? The answer is YES!

Master Communicator

It’s easy to become a master communicator with the right information and a little practice. It is not ”rocket science.” POWER with WORDS provides you everything needed to become an expert communicator. Additionally, people are interested in things that only affect them; such as their significant other, business partner, peers, family members and so on. If they could just master effective communication with the above mentioned, that would be a huge step in the right direction. POWER with WORDS offers adults and children (above eight years old), the keys to quality communication strategies. It teaches you why it’s so important to get along with others, and what you have to gain from it.

Let’s forget about the global problems we are all facing for a moment, and think about what would be good for the average person right now. If we could learn to communicate without prejudice or anger, then learn how to listen without interrupting; we could have a major positive effect on humanity. We are only talking about helping ourselves, but the key is starting somewhere. Experts have been trying for centuries to get the average human to rise above the “Fight or Flight” communication syndrome.

So if not you, who?


So, if not you, then who? Think about it. Out of fifty-two one-page POWER with WORDS life lessons a year, does it not make sense that there could be multiple Life Lessons that could help you on a personal level? Perhaps it will help you understand the psychological issues about a particular word or subject. Understand why a person either fights or flights based on a word or inflection of that word and then know how to defuse it. Maybe you will learn to understand why it’s so hard to listen, and why we are so quick to respond to someone speaking to us before they have finished talking.

If you were to give POWER with WORDS a chance and find out that it helped you learn important communication strategies, then you may tell someone else, and then the ball begins to roll. In time the average person will become a master communicator, and the world will become a better place for everyone.

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