Perfectionism definition
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Definition: Perfectionism is the disposition to regard anything that falls short of being flawless as unacceptable.

Symptoms: In sports, as in any other arena in life, meaningful goals provide the incentive to think and act productively. Perfectionism, however, distorts reality and is self-defeating.

Solutions: In her article, “How to Overcome Perfectionism: 8 Strategies for Making a Better Life,” Tamar Chansky offers some insights that have been herein condensed.

Psychologists suggest striving for excellence over striving for perfection. You are going to be more resilient and successful if you expect the ups and downs of life and prepare yourself for their appearance. Here are some strategies for keeping reality in your game plan.

  1. Make an accurate assessment – Don’t pull the plug on your project; pull the plug on the perfectionism. If things aren’t working well, ask yourself why, and determine

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