Predictability Word Defination
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Definition: Predictability is the attribute of a state of mind, pattern of behavior, or course of action that makes it possible to know in advance what to expect.

Symptoms: In sports, being able to predict an opponent’s moves comes with lots of keen observation. Professional teams review film after film of their opponents to take note of how they have reacted under various circumstances in the past. Understanding the mindset of an opponent is not an exacting science but is rather the art of predicting that which seems most probable.

Solutions: After being in the grip of bipolar disorder, psychosis, anxiety, and disorder eating, Victoria Maxwell faced her mental illness head on and began her journey toward awareness and recovery. It was then that she learned to value the rich results of routine, ritual, and rhythm. In her article, “The Power of Predictability: 3 How-To’s to Create More (or some!) Peace in Your Life” at, the author shares her very personal tips for reaping more serenity.

1) Create routines versus schedules

I need enough latitude to be successful, but enough structure to stay well. For me, schedules feel suffocating, but my stability comes from the routine of doing the same activities over the course of a week, as opposed to the exact time on particular days. This may not be for everyone, but if you’re struggling with your schedule, try a routine instead. For example, exercise is essential to keeping

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