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The Information Age


The Knowledge Age

You learned how to speak your language before you can remember. You made it through school and may have opened your own business or worked for someone. You may have gotten married and had children. So why should you consider learning effective communication strategies, especially since you already know how to communicate?

The above observation is typical, and the question asked is classic. So, why should anyone consider learning better communication techniques, if they already know the language? Simple; review your past and see if there are parts of it that you wish you could have communicated better, times where anger took the place of humility, or you were unable to get your point across.

Language vs. Meaning

Effective communication is a learned activity after you have learned the language and not something you learn as you are growing up. Most of us were never taught the psychological implications of speech. Such as how can you get your point across most effectively? How can you make sure the person you are speaking with is listening to your meanings instead of just hearing what you said so they could quickly reply? In fact, have you ever interrupted someone speaking? Do you listen intently or do you hear what is being said, waiting to get your ideas heard? How many arguments have you been involved in where feelings got hurt?

Keys to Success

If any of the questions above trigger a yes, then learning effective communication is extremely important. It may be fair to say that being happy is the key to a successful life. Communicating effectively is one of the most important keys to reaching happiness. It’s the ability to understand the psychology behind words and phrases. It gives you the how to’s and how not to’s. Take the word anxiety, can you think of one tested and proven example of how to stop anxiety? The POWER with WORDS can explain many because it cites and paraphrases the best experts in the world who has studied, tested and proven numerous ways.


Perhaps people today are so bent on instant gratification that we are in denial of caring or wanting to understand the underlying truths of words. Maybe wanting to be heard outweighs the issue of whether we are right or wrong. So often we rely on third party information or misinformation to mold our opinions, then add the need for instant gratification, and we soon believe much of what we hear or read without ever knowing the truths. Do you think we should consider slowing down to conduct honest research?

Simplicity of Human Psychology

Think about it; psychology 101 states that the most important thing to you is you and the most important thing to someone else is themselves. It makes sense because the most we know about is ourselves. Therefore, it’s natural for us to talk about something we know the most about. But, the person we are speaking to doesn’t care about us. They care about themselves. Soon a battle to be heard begins, and emotions start to rise.

Listen to the Experts

POWER with WORDS is the first attempt to provide a simple, fast, and easy to read way of learning what experts have been trying to tell us for centuries. The manner in which it is presented matches today’s instant gratification society. However, the information cited by experts around the world are the keys to happiness.

The Solution

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