What is text? Definition & Meaning
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Is texting effective communication techniques? Wow, the spectrum goes both ways. Therefore, I will give you my two-cents. I am 61 years young and use texting every day. However, I created a communication protocol that I have trained certain clients to text me if they are planning to attend a weekly clinic I provide. It works great; it’s fast simple and keeps the truth. However, I seldom text anyone else that I know personally. This form of communication is for my cell phone or Skype after I have made contact. If I need to contact someone I never text, I call. I may have to call several times but, if I am calling about my business, it is impossible to psychoanalyze the conversation through texting. I need to hear the person’s voice, their inflection and what words they use for me to communicate with confidence.


Texting, like anything, has it a purpose. However, too much of anything can be hazardous. That leads me to our wonderful and beautiful younger than I am people. Communication through technology is stale, unforgiving and addicting. It does not teach our younger people the power of words. I some cases they make up a whole new set of words that has no meaning universally. It would be so great if all kids could spend a year traveling around the world to see, hear, and feel different cultures but that is not practical today.

In many ways, we are losing ground regarding tech communication. It will never go away, and it will become better I believe in the future. But, currently, it has its place. As a simple example, if I wanted to get to know a girl (my case woman), how could she possibly sense the kind of a person I am without looking in my eyes, hearing the inflection of my voice in conjunction with particular words, and see my body and its nuances. She would be taking a huge risk to trust her instinct through texting.


We are losing critical communication skills through the dry and silly texting revolution. Communication lessons for elementary students are critical, but who can you get the political forces of public education to back this critical and necessary part of education. I believe it would have a major positive impact on bullying, and help students person esteem. It certainly would be a wonderful bonding and educational exercise or teachers, parents and students. But what do I know? Hey, I do know that POWER with WORDS is one answer to this global communication problem we have been facing for centuries. Understanding the universal truths of effective communication is like being able to travel around the world.


Lose prejudice, open your mind and slow down. America seems to be the land of instance gratification or forget it. May I please think about what you said before I give you my answer? Or, will you please stop interrupting so that you can THINK about what I am saying? Texting is extremely fast, and if you don’t think about what you say, you can’t erase it. It’s there forever. Take your time and if you do text think about what you are writing (read it to yourself) before you push send.

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