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Our brains are made to think, and it is natural. We think about all kinds of things, and some of the thoughts have emotions attached to them. This is where we can find ourselves fighting our thoughts instead of acknowledging them and let the thoughts pass. We tend to dwell on negative issues, even though we have complete control to let them pass and focus on constructive ways to fix negative issues. In so many cases, we become so accustomed to focusing on negative thoughts that we find ourselves in an extended battle of negative thinking.

Instant Gratification

This highly addictive thinking pattern is extremely prevalent among most people. Rarely do we stop and challenge the negative thoughts by convincing ourselves that we can do anything if we just try and have some patience. We are subconsciously guided into thinking that instant gratification will save us, which clouds our ability to think clearly or positively to fix a particular problem. Why, because instant gratification doesn’t work. Simple.

Slow Down

Technology has a major influence over the way we are thinking today. You can get answers to questions instantly. Few people in the States at least don’t have a cell phone or access to a computer. Few, if any, businesses don’t have a computer. Children are now brought up with instant access to games, information, and inappropriate information with a click of a button. We expect answers instantly. The instant response has an inherent and devastating consequence. We no longer think thoroughly about issues we are confronted with. We act on an impulse that in many instances begin to mimic the “Fight or Flight” syndrome in animals. We don’t stop and think about all sides of the issue.


Our bodies and minds are our temples of health, wellness, and happiness. However, how many of us stop for just a moment to consider this truth? We have become so dependent on instant gratification that any change we consider good or bad if it does happen instantly, we are not willing to deal with anything uncomfortable for some extended time, even if we know it’s for the best. WOW! So what does this say about where we are headed; Force versus Communication, Sickness over Health, Anxiety over Mindfulness, Money over Happiness?


There is an undercurrent of people who are and have been trying to bring awareness to ourselves and the future of society, our children. Their efforts do not go in vain. People realize that few things are easy in life and that sacrifices must be made to learn the simplest things such as effective communication. The key is the delivery of this necessary communication education. It needs to be Fast, Short and give Expert advice. It should illustrate simple hypotheticals and offer the reader expert advice on what to do or what not to do. It should offer universal truths that reflect all human beings and have the ability for the reader to listen to the topic as well.


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