Two Ears & One Mouth

Two Ears One Mouth
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Why do so many people speak in a hurry, interrupt, and answer before a person has finished speaking? Is it a personality thing, or a protection mechanism? The greatest power you can have over someone is knowing more about them than they know about you. So, what is it about interpersonal communication? Why is communicating effectively so difficult?


There are numerous answers to these questions, and most of them find their way back to “instant gratification,” at least in America. America has changed so much in past fifty years. We no longer lead the world in important humanitarian issues. One of those issues is education, and education leads to communication. Interpersonal communication should be like opening a fine bottle of wine, or consciously slowing down, relaxing to listen with intent; responding only after careful consideration. But, we want so badly to express personal feelings that we will do almost anything to be heard. In fact, many of us will be rude and think nothing of it.

Blab Blab

Perhaps many of us believe we know the correct answer regardless of what the other person says. We hear a fraction of what they say and pick up a word or phrase that we can identify with and then make it our business to divulge our feelings about this information without really thinking about the consequences. This form of communication is all too prevalent in personal relationships. Many personal relationships evolve into a “fight or flight” syndrome, to where one personal requires control and the other capitulates.


Effective communication has been a major issue on a global basis for centuries. But, much of this is maybe due to lack of knowledge or lack of experience of different cultures. Again, we are looking at interpersonal communication over the past century and not political.


With a little bit of education by experts, we can bridge this widening gap and learn to be more tolerant and understand the importance of listening. Yes, most ALL of us have two ears and one month, but that age old saying does little to change people’s attitude towards interpersonal communication.

Perhaps if we see the personal benefit of listening, we might consider changing our communication style. Let’s name a few:

  1. Listen for knowledge
  2. Listen for courtesy
  3. Listen for empathy
  4. Listen to help
  5. Listen to be wiser
  6. Listen for fun
  7. Listen to grow

And so on, and so on…

POWER with WORDS shows us much more than these few advantages. Check it out and see for yourself.

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