Underestimation Word Description
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DEFINITION: An underestimation is a judgment about someone or something that is too low.  

SYMPTOMS: Retired basketball player and coach Rudy Tomjanovich, Jr. once said, “Never underestimate the heart of a champion.” In sports, there is no doubt that underestimating one’s opponent can produce a devastating result, but knowing that your own performance ability has been devalued can also have an adverse effect.

SOLUTIONS: Do you know how to react when someone underestimates you? Does it make you feel under-appreciated or inferior? “How to Deal With People Who Underestimate You” is an article from www.wikihow.com that lends practical help.

Talking to People Who Underestimate You

1 – Be assertive. Assertive communication will help you express yourself clearly and maintain self-respect. Using “I” statements is a great way to express your feelings without blaming anyone else.

2 – Ask why.¬†Although you shouldn’t always listen to people who underestimate you, it may be useful to hear them out when it comes to their constructive criticisms.

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